Spellbinder's castle is a location in Spellbinder.


The Spellbinder's castle is the residency of the Spellbinders. Old spellbinder's castle was moved to new castle. Here live the regents and spellbinder. When Paul Reynolds came to the Spellbinder world there lived spellbinder Ashka with other regents (especially regent Correon who long time stayed in the castle and studied). In TV series appeared the Flying ships that are important conveyance of spellbinder. In the castle is the prison where was Paul too.

At the end of TV series Spellbinder said regent Correon that Riana must be his apprentice.

In the second series was the Spellbinder world short time but Kathy with Mack went to the Spellbinder castle but Ashka went with them to the Land of Dragon lord.